8 Awesome Sex Positions Which Can Be Waaaay Better With Bondage Tape

8 Awesome Sex Positions Which Can Be Waaaay Better With Bondage Tape

Takeaway: Bondage can amp all kinds up of intercourse play. And bondage tape makes it super simple, safe and easy to accomplish.

Everybody knows that intercourse could be – to place it option to averagely – a wowie that is major. However for numerous it may be a lot more wowie through the utilization of innovative limitation.

Why bondage? Perhaps the greater concern is excatly why never bondage?

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Think about it in this manner: by restricting one or both lovers’ motions it totally changes just how either or both can go, moving their health and physical views in new – and erotic – means.

Bondage may also work as a incredibly sensual boundary; it is something to push against, a method to sensually force those restrained back to on their own. It may offer a type of psychological and real safety; for a few people, being restrained is ways to feel safe and comfortable.

But long lasting reasons, the important thing is bondage may be plenty of (you guessed it) wowie enjoyable. And bondage tape causes it to be super easy, safe and easy to accomplish.

Fun With Bondage Tape

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You can find, needless to say, a myriad of approaches to restrain some body. But among the simplest, cheaper, and – on top of that – best methods is utilizing bondage tape.

Unlike rope, which takes training to connect, may be tough to eliminate and needs to training, bondage tape is pretty goof-proof.